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Gifts Offered (so far) 


With more to come!!

Acupuncture with Barbara Wilt

The Beginners Guide to Wailing, Wilding, Grieving and Euphoria with Deb Root and Teo Weiss

Contact Improv Class and Jam with Kalima Rose


Dance Workshop with Patrick and Kat Reeves

Hand on Heart Ritual with Richard Applegate

Heart Circle with Richard Applegate

Herbal Infusions for Deep Nourishment with Ami Wruck

KundaliniSong, with Gwen Jensen

Mask Making Table!  Bring some supplies if you have them!

Movement Games and A discussion on community living with Michael Jacob

Movement, Dance, Rhythm And Improv Vocalizing with Gwen Jensen

Mushroom Foray (psychedelic and culinary)  with Teo Weiss and Gwen Jensen

Practicing Presence,

        Cultivating self awareness, connection and joy! with Kimjoy Monser and Patrick Reeves 

Tools for Wellness and Resilience in a Changing and Challenging World with Ami Wruck

Window Into Your Soul's Journey , Art Class with Margarette Salmond


Here is what will be offered so far in 2023.  More on the way!  I will keep you posted.


Reading of the Radiant Sutras with Deena Berens

Poetry, Writing and Sharing with Kristy Hellum

Contact Improv Exercises with Michael Jacob

DJ Dancing with Lisa Rost


DJ Dancing with Kat Reeves

Partner Dancing for Connection with Patrick Reeves

Improv Vocalizing with Gwen Jensen

Kiddulting, Relearning to Play with Chelsea Xoxo

Partner Presence Practices,

        Cultivateing self awareness, connection and joy! with Kimjoy Monser

Radical Tenderness with Deb Root

     How do we "Tend" to ourselves through portals of sound/vocalizing, movement, music, stillness...An           invitation for raw tender edges & humanness


 Yamuna Body Rolling with Jacque Benton

        Using Yamuna Balls for Myofacial release

Demonstrate acupressure neck and shoulder release,  with Candace Fox

      Working in pairs, hands on.

Music with Copperwoman

Music with Chris Bramble

Collage/Vision boards with Margarette Salmond

Shamanic Drum circle with Deer


Body Positive Yoga Class with Meka

Cancer Speaks with Deb Root

Circle Song with Copperwoman 

Hawaiian Basket Weaving with Katrina Weaver

Heart Circle with Deb Root

Interactive Games, with Michael Jacob

Kirtan, cooking and emotional healing with Sarab Khurana

KundaliniSong with Gwen Jensen 


The Mystery of Money, Shifting Beliefs and Patterns  with Bill McMillan and Jane Sheppard

Radiant Sutras and Sacred Poetry, with Deena Maenad


Sage, with Rick Hull

The Art of Hugging, Sensual Embodiment with Kimjoy Monser

"Touch the Earth" A gathering for truth telling in the time of Anthropocene to unburden ourselves and reclaim our sense of belonging as earth angels. We use the medicine wheel, drawing, watercolor, movement, voice and poetry to revitalize and reconnect to the one heart. with Michael Zieve

Trauma oil:  80% organic arnica, 20% wild crafted St. John’s solar infused in organic almond oil. Unscented, ready to customize with EOs. By Amanda Gard

Yoga and Drumming with Jane Preston

Yoga and Meditation with Zoe Hunt

Zero Waste Medicine Basket, making eco-bricks from single use plastics with Mori Natura



Here is what will be offered so far in 2019.  

Body work, Shiatsu on floor or table western modalities blended with acupressure,

with Ruthie Saia

Cell Phone Photography: tricks of the trade, with Robert Vente

Deep Dive: getting to the bottom of grief, with Sherry Glasier

Dream catching: make your own dream catcher for all age, with Kirsty Shelton


Embroidery, with Alice Crumrin

Games, with Nonae Sears

Healing through Wanting, with Tom Swindell

Interactive Games, with Michael Jacob

KundaliniSong, with Gwen Jensen

Live music and drumming, with Jane Preston

Live music, with Elise the Beast

Loving Your Watershed, with Kim Trippsmith

"Magic Shop" Theater Improv, with Bob Engle

Men's Circle, with Colin Crumrine

Presence in Finance discussion group, with Andra Grossman

Radiant Sutras and Sacred Poetry, with Deena Maenad

Songwriting Activism, with Kim Trippsmith

Sage, with Rick Hull

The Art of Hugging, a practice in presence with Kimjoy Monser

Wilding  ~ an exploration and expression of authentic, wild, untamed, raw voice. Blending, toning & sounding with some instruments, we will explore what is moving in your body ~ what is being touched~ what wants to be expressed, with Deb Root

Wim Hoff inspired Breath Work with cold plunge, with Tom Swindell


Window Stars and Origami Trees for kids (and maybe some big kids), with Kim Aronsen

Vision Board, with Margarette Salmond

Yoga, with Jane Preston

And a special shout out to Deb Root, Kimjoy Monser and Patrick Reeves for all your organizing help!



Body Percussion, with Deb Root

Bodywork, several types by several people

Breast Health Massage with Sherri Nelsen

Business Consultation with Marc Dellorco

CircleSong with Copperwoman

Collaging with Debbie Ezersky and Karla Fittipaldi

Crone Wisdom with High Crone Jill 

Discussions on Intentional Communities with Michael Jacob and Denise Meier

Dream Catcherscreating with Trinity Domino

Ecstatic Dance and Poetry with Lisa Rost as Dj!

Five Tibetan Rites with Sherlee George

Games...Big Picture, Apples to Apples and more

Gifting Circle with Seawitch Trish Gallager

Heart Circle and Energy Work with Richard Applegate

Intentional Prayer Ceremony 

Interactive Games with Nonae Sears

Knife Sharpening Class- we all need this simple skill and I make it easy & fun! Bring a knife if you like. With Bibiana Love

KundaliniSong with Gwen Jensen

Laughter Yoga and Hasya Vinyasa with Monnet Zubieta

Morning Kirtan with Bluesky

Music/Sound with Handpan and more with Deb Root

Music/Sound with flute and drums with Ananda Coffman

Music/Sound with Spruce Hauschildt

Open Your Throat Chakra and Find Your Authentic Voice with Gwen Jensen

Qi Gong, Ming Tang's Lift chi up, pour chi down with Kelly Costa

Radiance Sutras readings to music with Deena Berens

Rune Making with Dorthy Morgan

Sacred Smoke, and make an herbal smoking blend with Beth Krow

Sage Smudging with Rick Hull

Shakti Poppin' Sound Healing

St. Brigid's Cross class, a weaving project with Katie Phillips

Sovereign Breathwork practice with Maggie Ostara

Sweat Lodge with Whitewolf Switzer, CMT, RPP

Tarot readings to activate your dream life With Amity Hotchkiss

Theater Improv - Psychodrama with Bob Engel

The Art of Hugging, a practice in presence with Kimjoy Monser

Transformation through healing our stories with Leo Horthy

Vocal &/or Comedy Improv with Mary J. Criquet

Waking the Buddha in the 21st Century with Will 

Watsu (we have a very large hot tub!) with Mathew George

Wild Mushroom Identification and hike, We can share our delectable edibles with the cook for dinner!  with Teo Weiss 

Yoga, with Molly Rinaldi

A big thank you to the sweet set up and organization helpers Kimjoy Monser and Patrick Reeves  


And a super big gratitude to Shyla Guarkee and Kieth Guarkee for the farm fresh meats and the outstanding way you feed us all!

For the kids:

Games, Treasure Hunts and Art with Terri Jensen and Jill Devou

Movie night, set up by Katie Phillips



Appalachian mountain dulcimer music and lessons

Art Classes

Ayurvedic Support

Brigid Ritual of Hope and Healing Honoring the Goddess Brigid. A ritual of Cleansing and renewal, Honoring the Hope and the Light of Spring. Taking a look deep into the Well of Wholeness and cradling the Divine within Sacred Circle with Hummingbird

Biodanza with Zora Coeur de Roy and DJ dance party!
Check out her website at

Bodywork, several types 

Zine Making with Liza Skully

Breast Health Massage! By Sherri Nelsen 

Cancer Doula Education with Jen Van Pelt 

Crone Wisdom with High Crone Jill 

Empowerment Improvisation! By Sherry Glasser 

Foot baths

Grounding meditation to heal the body

Handpan sound healing with Deb Root

Kirtan, early morning

Kundalini Song with Gwen Jensen

Lomi Lomi 

Love and libido (for women only)! 

Mushroom I.D. hike

New games, adventure programming session

Poi, healing for mind and soul! By Loreta Flemingaite

Raw Honey 

Sacred foot baths! by Bibiana Love

Shakti Poppin' Sound Healing

Somatic/Yoga exploration

Tibetan Rites 

Tuning the Chakras through voice! By Linda Moody

Walking the labyrinth .. pre history and history of labyrinth and meditations

Watsu (we have a very large hot tub!)

Yoga, and more yoga!

And more coming!!

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